Reconstruction of the headquarters building

The headquarters building (principia) is about to be reconstructed soon. Of course, not entirely. Some parts, such as monumental pillars or the eastern portico are reconstructed with concrete and steel constructions showing their height and size.

NovaeX 219The project of revitalization financed by UE is realized by the Bulgarian architects and engineers.

NovaeX 228

Prof. Tadeusz Sarnowski who conducted excavations on this part of the site is personally (and voluntarily!) engaged in these efforts to make the principia of Novae a very special place, rich in historical and archaeological information. We hope, this place will attract tourists and professionals.

NovaeX 305All photos by T. Dziurdzik (C).

The late Roman cathedral and bishopric centre have been revitalised, as well. This part of the site was explored for many years by the University of Poznań team, lately headed by dr Andrzej Biernacki.

Novae rec5The final project will certainly attract many tourists.

Novae rec1

Novae rec3


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