Dining with the primus pilus?

Dining with the primus pilus? New research on the large kitchen in the legionary camp of Vindonissa (Switzerland).


Reconstruction of the headquarters building

The headquarters building (principia) is about to be reconstructed soon. Of course, not entirely. Some parts, such as monumental pillars or the eastern portico are reconstructed with concrete and steel constructions showing their height and size.

NovaeX 219The project of revitalization financed by UE is realized by the Bulgarian architects and engineers.

NovaeX 228

Prof. Tadeusz Sarnowski who conducted excavations on this part of the site is personally (and voluntarily!) engaged in these efforts to make the principia of Novae a very special place, rich in historical and archaeological information. We hope, this place will attract tourists and professionals.

NovaeX 305All photos by T. Dziurdzik (C).

The late Roman cathedral and bishopric centre have been revitalised, as well. This part of the site was explored for many years by the University of Poznań team, lately headed by dr Andrzej Biernacki.

Novae rec5The final project will certainly attract many tourists.

Novae rec1

Novae rec3

Roman legionary fortresses


Roman sites nearby

On this map you can find the nearest Roman sites. Useful – especially on holidays

The visit of Polish Ambassador in Novae

This summer we had a pleasure to host the Ambassador of Poland, Mr. Leszek Hensel. The Ambassador visited the excavated sites and was presented our present research.

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Investigation on ancient coins smuggled from Bulgaria


Investigation on the smuggling of some 546 ancient Bulgarian coins, which were seized in the U.S. and returned to Bulgaria, continues. HSI Special Agent Thomas Mulhall, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Cultural Property, Art and Antiquities Investigations and Repatriations Program (CPAA), announced the news at a briefing, Radio FOCUS correspondent to Washington announced.

Source: http://www.focus-fen.net/index.php?id=n314424

Brazda lui Novac in tradition

A website of the book entitled “Prehistoric Dacia” by Romanian writer Nicolae Densusianu. Although his theories published in 1913 are more than controversial, several information about Brazda lui Novac are interesting.

Extraordinary Roman fort in Spain

Footwear from Vindolanda

Battle of Klokotnitsa, 1230

Byzantine Military. Reconstructions of the militia

Tourist guide for the Yantra and Nicopolis

Here you can find some useful information and wonderful pictures of the river flowing south and east from Novae. Nicopolis ad Istrum is situated on its left tributary – the Rositsa river. Both rivers are beautiful, in some areas wild and rich in fish. This territory was used in the past by the Thracian, Roman and Greek settlers. Thanks to the effort of the webmaster we can admire beauty of this landscape.

Digital Romania – Roman forts

Here you can find accurate layouts of many Roman forts in Dacia and Moesia inferior. The images are downloadable

Arachne Database


Roman Games


Archaeological Museum Veliko Turnovo

Surveys in the canabae of Novae 2012 and 2013

ZDF about Roman limes

ZDF film about aerial photography of limes

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