Other expeditions

At present Novae is excavated within the Bulgarian-Polish Joint Research Project.

The Canabae Project is realized within a broad programme of excavations and field surveys:

Roman Legionary Camp and Early Byzantine City of Novae. Bulgarian-Polish Joint Research Project

Research partners: National Institute of Archaeology and Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia (Bulgaria) and University of Warsaw (Poland), the University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań (Poland)
Project directors:
Prof. Evgenia Gencheva (NAIM BAN), Prof. Tadeusz Sarnowski and dr Agnieszka Tomas (Institute of Archaeology University of Warsaw), Prof. Piotr Dyczek (Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Centre, University of Warsaw, Elena Klenina (University of Poznań)

In the past years the IA UW team excavated the headquarters building, the UAM team unearthed the Bishopric residence and the legionary baths, and the ASER Centre explored the military hospital and the Flavian baths. Recent excavations were carried out along the fortifications of the legionary fortress (T. Sarnowski), in the annex (dr A. Tomas), near the West Gate (prof. E. Gencheva), in the area of the barracks of the first cohort (prof. P. Dyczek), and in the area of the villa extra muros (western canabae) by P. Vladkova-Baicheva from the University of Veliko Turnovo. The Poznań archaeologists explore the area to the north of the West Gate.

The Canabae Project was realised in spring 2012-14.


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