The project

A very difficult task of documenting the remains of civilian settlement around Novae needs a well-planned strategy and choice of proper methods. The large area of the site and a need for quick survey made us to choose remote sensing methods. Apart from the geophysical survey which is the basic method, the site has been photographed from the air, investigated with metal detectors, and measured in details in order to obtain data for the 3D terrain model. In the meantime, the archive and museum query have been completed, to create a catalogue of finds which may have been erected in the civilian settlements surrounding the camp as well as to give a picture of the everyday life of the local society. These data will be enriched by the palynological analyses which will help us to reconstruct the environment in the past. Our aim is to reconstruct the landscape a settlement complex which in fact is Novae, as well as its topography, environment, material culture and, to the certain extent, social structure of its inhabitants.

To learn more about the each of the different techniques that are integrated in research of Novae’s canabae please visit the following sections:


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