The project

The archaeological investigations of the remains around Novae needed a well-planned research programme and a choice of proper methods. The vast area under the planned investigations and a short time of the project (6 weeks) made us to choose combined remote sensing methods and field walking surveys. Apart from the geophysical measurements which were the basic method, the site has been photographed from the air, investigated with metal detectors, and measured in order to obtain data for the GIS database and the 3D terrain model. In the meantime, the archive and museum query have been carried out, to prepare the catalogue of the finds related to the civilians living in the surroundings. These data enriched by the palynological analyses, helped to recreate the past environment. Our goal was to recreate the landscape and the settlement on a broader area around Novae, and, to the certain extent, draw conclusions how these factors could influence the local social strata.

To learn more about the each of the methods applied during the research, see:


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