Earth resistivity surveys

Earth resistivity method has been chosen as a complementary method to the magnetic measurements which were basic method of geophysical prospection. This kind of prospection was used on a smaller plots, where the magnetic surveys were difficult to implement. The instrument used at Novae was a Polish Elmes ADA-5 with a twin-probe array.

Earth resistivity survey using Elmes ADA-5

The earth resistivity survey using the Elmes ADA-5

At frist, some test measurements were made in the place over the presumed outline of the legionary fortifications. The results produced very promising image and the investigated area was enlarged to the east. The obtained image shows some structures outside the former line of the legionary fortifications, which may be some buildings within the annex.

Earth resistivity results at area B - the vicinity of the fort wall (37-147 Ωm) combined with magnetic prospection results

The earth resistivity image compared with the magnetic surveys image. The area adjacent to the line of the eastern legionary fortifications chosen for the earth resistivity surveys (B)

In the area to the west of the fortress, small open fields located among the modern parcels were chosen for the earth resistivity measurements. A few high resistivity anomalies surrounded by an area of rather uniform lower resistivity anomalies may indicate the existence of some archaeological features.


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