Who we are

The non-destructive research project was realised by the Polish Archaeological Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw (UW) in co-operation with independent researchers (IR). In 2012, the project received a financial assistance from the Polish National Science Centre (no. 2011/01/D/HS3/02187).  The members of the team carrying the non-destructive investigations were:




Agnieszka Tomas   archaeologist, head of the project

Piotr Jaworski, numismatics specialist

 Piotr Wroniecki,  geophysics





Michał Pisz, aerial photography and earth resistivity

Marcin Jaworski, geophysics

Stanisław Rzeźnik, geodesy


 Hector, special member of the team

In the year 2012 worked with us:




 Prof. Krzysztof Misiewicz and Wiesław Małkowski  geophysics

 Joanna Pisz, aerial photo support

 Katarzyna Dejtrowska, professional help in drawings



Paulina Szulist,   student

Robert Bartoszek, student

In 2013 we worked with:



 Stanisław Rzeźnik,  geodesy

Jacek Balcerzak, inventor, aerial photo support


 The extraordinary group of students from the Warsaw and Poznań universities

In 2014 we worked with:

TS studenci2014
 Prof. Tadeusz Sarnowski  Another group of extraordinary students



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